A 2 Day Course

An Introduction to Perl 6 in English or Norwegian.

Prior programming experience is required. Knowledge of Perl 5 is helpful, but not required.

This course will be introduced at PerlCon 2019 in Riga (August).

My Perl6 In 45+45 Minutes presentation at the Nordic Perl Workshop in Oslo 2018 was based on an early version of this course.


A 350 pages printed textbook in English, written especially for this course, is included.

Table of Contents (pdf)

Topics Covered

  • Installation
  • Variables, Operators and Values
  • The Type System
  • Control Flow
  • Numbers
  • Basic Input and Output
  • Strings
  • Arrays and Lists
  • Pair and Hashes
  • Procedures
  • Regex Intro
  • Modules
  • Files and Directories
  • Date and Time
  • Ranges and Sequences
  • Classes
  • Writing a Module

Subject to Change.

The Courses are available on demand in Oslo/Norway or on site at your company.

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